Online Ethics

Posted: November 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

Whether we like it or not, today is the generation of the New Media especially the period of the Internet.

With the number of people going online everyday, how many of them are minded by the words they type? How many of these people were concern on others’ feelings?


Maybe it is neither you nor I, but some internet users are taking online ethics for granted.


How do ethics play online?


 Netiquette is the term used to describe etiquette on the online counterpart.

 According to the definition given by, Netiquette “… is not doing anything online that will annoy or frustrate other people.” Netiquette is respecting not just their thoughts and opinions but their whole being online. Respecting online isn’t different on respecting at a face-to-face communication.


Examples of Cybercrime are examples of doings that show unethical acts. Base on, “Cybercrime is criminal activity done using computers and the Internet.” Cybercrime is committing unlawful act online. As technology develops, more problems/crimes arise (but I’m not saying that “this internet should have not been created because I can’t visualize the present without this”). Examples of this cybercrime are spreading different viruses, doing cybersex, stealing personal information, illegally downloading songs, videos, etc., and many other more.


To protect personal information given by users, each websites applies Cryptography. From, “Cryptography is the process of securing private information…”  It is a way of protecting information entrusted by users to the producer by unscrambling records/facts about the consumer and can be unscrambled by the creator of the account only.


Since our childhood, we were thought by our parents to respect others.

Inside churches we find peacefulness.  But come on log in to some websites and you’ll see people bashing one another (I know some) creating noises even louder than in the real encounter.


Let’s challenge everyone to act in an ethical manner and to make this ONLINE WORLD a peaceful community to log in.


Let’s begin within ourselves, to make it happen.









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  1. Gwynn says:

    Sana magkaroon na ng net laws sa Pilipinas..

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