Development or Replacement?

Posted: December 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

News is important to every individual.

It makes people be informed and updated to happenings and events.

With news blackout, people might be dying because of ignorance.

I remember what I’ve learned from my class before saying that delivering news through speech is practised first before writing came out. It is only developed into writing because speeches aren’t like print media that can last for a period of time.

It is a habit by most of the Filipinos to have daily subscription of newspapers and read it while having breakfast.

Some of the Filipinos consider reading newspapers as part of their everyday routine.

Newspapers update the readers what happened “yesterday”.

As time passes by, everything seems to be developing (or should I say changing?).

Here comes the “new trend” or the new media.

This includes the “internet” which is really “in” for the present generation.

Through internet we can do things we’ve thought as impossible as before, like socializing (unexpensively) to people around the world.

This also updates us to latest news (breaking news) without waiting for tomorrow’s publication.

With this, there is already no limit to access of information.

In fact many newspaper organizations have already created their own websites for easy access of breaking news. Some of these are the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin, etc. These were called the Online newspapers.

The new technology introduced brought as alot of advantages like easy access to information, unlimited information and many other more.

But are those developments enough to replace the position of newspapers?

How about the loyal newspaper subcribers? Do they have to shift and become techies?

Inspite of the “new media”, I hope this will not be considered as a substitute to newspapers but as a supplementary way of sharing news.

Newspapers have been part of the history and I hope they will not just be forgotten by the new generation.

The Internet is very important now… as well as newspapers!
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