The Shadow of Internet (Newspapers for free?)

Posted: December 21, 2009 in Uncategorized
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The Shadow of Internet (Newspapers for free?)

It is natural for us to inquire and to ask questions that bother us.
As part of a system, people are craving for news.

We get news through print media but newspapers have downsides.
There is limit on space and we can’t get news right away.
We still have to wait for tomorrow to have them.
The positive side of newspaper is that we can keep them for so long.

Televisions and Radios are other forms of media where to get news.
But we can not filter and choose for the information that we wanted.
We can’t be the “boss” in this case.

With the transition of technology, the latest medium where to explore news is in the internet.
With the internet, there is no limit in terms of space, and we can access news anytime.
We can decide what to read and what information to use.
The only problem is the overloading of information.
We should be knowleadgable in choosing credible sites/sources.

I remember Sir Roli Fernandez (PDI North Bureau chief), discussing in our class on Journ106,
the threat that is brought by the internet not only to newspapers but also to televisions.
He said, “…studies say that TV previews decreased,” and that is because of the new media.
And for him, newspapers can survive still in the future, together with the internet,
if they will be distributed for free to consumers.

People are so busy and we want news right away.
That is why the shadow of internet theatens the television and print media.
Will newspapers be distributed for free in the near future in order to survive?
Or the shadow of newspaper will still manage to play along with the internet?

Let’s just wait until that “future” comes,
and we will see.

Dhonalyn Agorilla


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