Christmas Treat for the UP Baguio students

Posted: December 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

On the 18th day of December, everybody was so busy preparing for “tonights” big event.
Teachers on rehearsals, students at the library, others aren’t around the campus already,
workers putting up the stage and fine arts students giving their higantes’ final touches.

Around 5:30 pm, the parade began, from employees to teachers, students to lanterns.

From the university registrar were foods (jollibe burger, juice and sweets).
The big treat from the Alpha Phi Omega (APO), was the traditional Oblation Run.

Tanghalang Bayan ng Kabataan sa Baguio (TABAK) was one of the most applaused numbers with their timely concept about that “bilog”.

The most awaited treat students can have is the performances of their teachers. CS faculties showed their own rendition of the famous ABS-CBN’s “Star ng Pasko” in the form of a music video.
CSS faculties performed in a fashion show. Both colleges performed with their theme “caring for the environment”.

And without any biases (truelalu) the consistent performers of every year’s Pasiklaban were the CAC faculties. What surprised most of the crowd was when their former teachers, Sir Amor and Sir Isko were both present at the production. At the end of their performance was a banner raised “Stop Killing Journalists”.

At the middle of the faculty performances were fireworks display sponsored by the Beta Sigma Fraternity.

It is traditional at UP Baguio to have a big celebration before everyone goes to break. At least we, students, have received the gift of happiness before going home for a Christmas holiday.

  1. gkbea says:

    I hope they could come up with a gimmick next Pasiklaban. Something we never had before–something not so traditional.

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