Social Networking Sites as Sources of News

Posted: January 2, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Television is usually our source of news.

We read newspapers at home or at the library to read further information.

We surf the internet if we can’t watch television and can’t read newspapers.

I, personally, usually go to or to

Aside from news organizations’ websites like the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin, ABS-CBN, GMA and many more,

some Social networking sites are now sources of current events.

I have signed up for some social networking sites like,

Friendster, Facebook, Tweeter, and Mutiply

and I habitually post hints and links to share news that I know.

We can post them as shoutouts on friendster and we can share links to our friends through facebook.

We can post news reviews as blogs through our multiply accounts and we can follow news organizations on tweeter.

Before, we only chitchat on these social networking sites.

Personal news bulletins were posted rather than national concerns.

We can notice some news but about showbiz gossips (that most of the readers would say “Who Cares!”)

People nowadays are yearning for more news.

We crave for what is going on because we want changes.

We hate swindler that is why we want facts to be revealed on public.

People love to do multi tasking because time is very important and we want news right away,

So we include public concern reports while socializing with people.

That is the reason why social networking sites are now exploited as public concerns’sharing networks as well.


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