Going Somewhere or Nowhere

Posted: January 9, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I don’t know who Andal Ampatuan was or even any of his family.
However, after the Maguindanao massacre last November 23 last year,
Ampatuan suddenly became the most famous Filipino citizen for how many weeks.
We can hear his name on radios, we can read it on newspapers, and we can see it on televisions.
Every kapamilya and kapuso viewers have known him unintentionally.

Media kept on exposing this unknown “artist” for how many consecutive days, weeks.
Just like in a regular television program, Ampatuan gained fans who were claiming his innocence but most chose to consider him as the “kontrabida” of the show.

The November 23, 2009 massacre at Maguindanao, where 57 civilians were assassinated, around 30 of them were members of the media, have broke the record for being the most dangerous place to work for media practitioners. See how the murders (whoever they are) lifted Philippines in the negative perspective?

The said massacre has become controversial because of the media men involved.
Radios, newspapers, televisons, journalists, broadcasters are claiming justice for their collegues including the other civilians who were deffenselessly killed.

Continuous media killings are threatening every media practitioners, not only those who are now in position but also those who are still aspiring to become media people.

Can’t they just Stop Killing Journalists?
Justice is all we wanted but it seems like it is the hardest thing the government can give away.
As an aspiring journalist, I hope justice still exists.

Incidents like this have circuitously putting in the picture that the crisis in the country is going worse.
That the President, senate members, officials and the whole Filipino nation, from first class individuals to ordinary citizens, should do something.

It was almost 7 weeks and the case had just begun.
I just hope it will be worth waiting for.


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