The battle had just begun!

Posted: January 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Televion ads… Radio commercials… Print materials… and even on my facebook account!

The pressure of the coming election is now heating up.
Perhaps, campaign period has already started.

Candidates are now busy persuading people through their commercials not just on print media, televisions and radios but also the new media where most of the voters are proficient.

One day I was updating my Facebook account when I noticed one of my friend’s status promoting the fan page of the presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino. Later on, another has posted the link to another presidential candidate Manny Villar. Two days later, the link to Gilbert Teodoro’s fan page didn’t excuse my wall.

The increasing population of their fans on facebook was even one of the news on TV Patrol last week. Their campaign jingles are now the songs of the town “nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura…” “Sulong Gibo wag uurong…”“…ni Ninoy at Cory, ng bawat mamamayan…” etc.). My 6 year old cousin was even amazed on how Villar can have his own name. My boardmates are asking was “Gordon-Bayani” affirming Gordon and Bayani as runningmates or just pertaining to Gordon as a hero. The “Pangako ko po hindi ako magnanakaw” of Noynoy Aquino is now added to everyone’s memory.

When I tried to visit some of their fan pages, I saw posts of their fans. Some were praising and cheering their “idols” while others use the page to boo the opposite team. I even found some pictures mocked by some fans who literally translated their ads. One example is Manny Villar’s:

Well, campaign period had just started and many days are still coming, many advertisements are
still on their ways.

So, let’s just prepare ourselves because “The battle had just begun!”

  1. phoebe says:

    i agree! so many advertisements now!
    but then, some weird thing happened to me on facebook because for some really odd reason, i automatically became a fan of manny villar!
    i guess someone hacked into my acct, or mv’s people messed up people’s facebooks…..
    so many people already encountered this situation!
    this is totally unreasonable….. it’s a violation of our rights and justices as a human being!!

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