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I’m not talking about the “The Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the truth” on court trials but the movie NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH of Rod Lurie.

Nothing but the Truth

It was Saturday when we had a make up class in our Journ104 (News Editing) under Sir Rolly Fernandez. He asked the class who among us have attended the seminar the other day, January 22, 2009, (though I already expected he will ask it that morning and I guess also in our Journ113 (Online Journalism) on Tuesday under Ma’am Carpio).

Because of my Speech subjects, I wasn’t able to attend the said conference and that made me missed the event (as what sir Rolly said) “You missed Half of your Journ. Life!!” whaaa!!! Out of Place— that was what I felt last Saturday and I guess I really missed an important event.

Said part of the conference is a film showing of the movie Nothing but the Truth, a movie starred by Kate Beckinsale, is about how Journalists or Reporters protect their sources. I even tried finding copies of the CD on stores but they just kept on repeating “We dont have that CD”. So to catch up I researched info about the movie and it was indeed a movie to catch up for.

If I were Rachael Armstrong (Kate Beckinsale), the reporter, I still don’t know what to do (I can not put words on my mouth, not until I will be on the situation). But what I know now is, as a journalist, we have the responsibility to protect our source. If I will reveal who my source was, just to save myself from controversies, who will then trust me again? Rachael chose to hide her source’s identity because she knew that the controversy could ruin the child’s life.

Reporter-Source relationship is very important and I think Rachael is aware of that.

Dhonalyn P. Agorilla



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