Gilberto Teodoro, Lakas-Kampi CMD standard bearer, said that he should not be judged according to his affiliations with the administration.

According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Teodoro attended a political forum at the Polythecnic Universtiy of the Philippines (PUP), Sta Maria town. One of the topics openned during the said forum was his close ties with President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

“It’s not my loss if they’ll judge me just because of my close ties with the administration.”, he said in Filipino (Philippine Daily Inquirer, January 2010).

Not just the PUP students are afraid that if wins, he will be the key to position GMA as prime minister of the country. Many are afraid that if he wins, he will be the “puppet” of GMA.

Though some were terrified that his loyalty to GMA will remain, some also believed that he will lead in a way far different from GMA’s system. They see him as the one capable in redeeming the country.

I’m one of those people who admire Gibo. His intelligence is undoubtedly undeniable. However, I am also one of those citizens who can not take another risk. With the present condition of the country, we can not afford to fail the coming national elections.

I am not saying that I will not vote for him nor I will vote for the others.

It’s still too early to decide and I hope it won’t be too late to choose who can really raise/lead the country.
Gibo and the other candidates should still have to convince me, all of us, in order to vote in favor of them.

It will be everybody’s loss if the wrong person will be chosen to be in the highest position.
So let’s take our time, think deeply, vote wisely, and SAVE OUR COUNTRY.

Dhonalyn P. Agorilla

Reyes-Estrope , Carmela. Dont judge me by my ties to GMA. Philippine Daily Inquirer. January 28, 2010. p. A2


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