The Embassy of Canada together with the University of the Philippines Baguio will present McLuhan Forum Series on Responsible Media, with this year’s theme “Watching the Watchdogs: Citizen’s Participation and Media Accountability.”

                 The said event will be on February 19, 2010, 9:30-11:3o in the morning at the UP Baguio’s Bulwagang Juan Luna.

                Current McLuhan Prize winner, Ms. Diosa Labiste, a contributor of the investigative journalist’ group VERA Files, will talk about “Media in the Elections – How Media should empower citizens to make informed choices.”

               Other guest speakers will be, Ms. Yvonne Chua, professor of the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication, who will present “The Role of the Citizens in Watching the Media during Elections”, and Ms. Luz Rimban, Ateneo de Manila University professor of the Department of Communication as well, on “Journalists – Civil Society Partnership for the Elections.”

               Mr. Carlo Figueroa, Public Affair’s Officer of the Embassy of Canada, is also expected to attend the said forum.

               Main talks of the event will be focussing on how media should perform in the coming national election and how should they inform the public. On the other hand, important matters on how citizens should look over the media coverage will also be discussed. It is not just the media who watches but it is also about the citizens watching the media.

                The two hour forum is for free and everyone is invited to please attend and participate.

Dhonalyn Agorilla

  1. fatima marla says:

    Be weary of typos girl.^^

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