McLuhan at UPB, success

Posted: February 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

   Attended by more than 200 participants, the 2010 McLuhan Forum Series is said to be successful. Organized by UPB’s Speech Communication137 students (Group Discussion and Conference Leadership), the said event was attended by students from different Universities in Baguio, professors and some local media personnels.

   The three featured speakers, Ms. Diosa Labiste (current McLuhan prize winner), Ms. Yvonne Chua (VERA Files contributor) and Ms. Luz Rimban (VERA Files contributor) shared their knowledge on Media particularly the role of media during elections and the “dynamics of media on practice of democracy”. Discussions on citizen journalism and community journalism were also given highlights.

Ms. Chua showing PGMA's facebook account

The auditorium was so warm and quiet but when Ms. Chua showed previews of different candidates’ accounts on facebook, there they responded positively.

   Ms. Leia Castro, Ms. Marlene de Castro and Ms. Star Inacay were also present to give their reactions to what the speakers have talked about.

  Most of the participants belong to the group of first time voters that is why they can relate to what Ms. Inacay, from the UPB’s Student Council said.

   “As one of the first time voters, I am are excited for the coming national elections “, she said.

   The forum started at 9:30 in the morning and ended around 12 noon. #Dhonalyn Agorilla


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