CRS at UP: love it or hate it?

Posted: February 24, 2010 in short journal

   The University of the Philippines Computerized Registration System (CRS) is now going on!

   You can now reserve subjects for the next Academic School Year 2010-2011, First Semester.

   This has been required for all the UP students. What do you feel about the CRS?


   Registration period for the CRS is from February 19 – March 22, 2010.

   Love it or hate it, still everyone is required! So go and start getting your desired subjects for the next semester.#Dhonalyn Agorilla

  1. Francis Mina, RLGC says:

    As someone who has been constellated in the past to help during enlistment, it seems to me that the CRS really operates on the laws of luck, if you’re lucky (and the Lords of Karma favor you, that is) you really get the sched you fancy. But more often than NOT, as most of us do not get the nod of the Destiny, most still end up queuing and having to do the enlistment thing manually… then lucky you (again) if you happen to chance upon an “un”-stressed enlistment assistant who will be more than willing to help you solve the riddle of a vacant slot… otherwise, the distressed enlistment assistant meets the exasperation of an equally distressed student… Which makes me wonder, was I “unstressed” or distressed during those times. Then I wonder (if only to emphasize an already understated cliche), what is the etymology of “University of Pila?”…. but I guess that would deserve another survey poll Dhonna.

    • ,,first of all thanks po for participating sir… hehe
      ,,aniwei u have been and forever part of the Up system sir. hehe.
      ,,thanks po sa idea ng panibagong topic ng survey. hehe
      ,,”etymology of University of Pila” hehe. interesting.
      ,,keep rockin’ sir..

      *eto na nakapag enlist na ako, sana tamaan naman ako ng luck this tym. hehe*

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