Escape (dedicated to 3rd year UPB Batchmates)

Posted: February 26, 2010 in short journal

… Everyone is so busy at this moment. February is soon ending and the final month of 2nd semester is fast approaching. March is coming, meaning more works have to be done and so much time and effort is asked in order to surmount them all.

… We are 3rd year students and if God permits, We just need 1 more year and we’re done. But in every success there should be hardships and trials. As many have said, hardships are part of every victory.

… Before this month ends, many assigned tasks are waiting;

…Thesis’ first chapters (drafts, revisions, and the final output), Investigative Reports, Layouts, Online Stories, News Coverages, Organization of CAC WEEK and other events, Shootings, Recordings, Reports and Exams. Did I forget something?

… No time for TV, memory gaps, unorganized study tables, skipping meals, Lack of Sleep, Stuttering, No money at all, etc. How you wish to just sleep and forget everything but you know in yourselves that upon you wake up, you’ll be needing to face them all again. How we wish to escape but we can not because it is part of being a student.

… Don’t feel too much pressure. Just ignore the stress (if we just can). Why don’t pause for a while, tap your friend beside you and smile. Or not, pause like nothing is going the hard way and take a picture, like what most of us do to relieve the stress even just for a minute. Or, just imagine how ease life will be after finishing all of our commissions. After all, it will benefit us in different ways.

…Go UPB CAC BATCH 2007. WE CAN DO IT!!!! #Dhonalyn Agorilla


  1. RHODA says:

    tama! sa mga panahon ngayon, dami2 ngang ginagawa! pero siguro nga, part lang to ng buhay UPian na din. Kaya natin to batch 2007!! Matatapos na din ang sem na to! Matatapos lahat to na ok lahat! Kaya to basta sama-sama.. hehe… thank you dhona sa blog na to!! hehe…

  2. ajong says:

    wala aqng picture!!!ahahahaha

  3. Bea says:

    waahhh.. hehe.. oo nakaka-stress.. maga-underload na nga ako next sem e.. wahahaah… yung lang hindi na ko makakakpag-pa picture with marla sa grad.. huhuhuhu

  4. rj says:

    super agri!…nakakmis gumising sa umaga at matulog sa gabi (if we do still sleep) ng walang iniisip na acad requiremnt… CAC Batch’07 we can do this….

  5. revihilda cendana says:

    really tiring but we can do this. i really hope. at sana wala ng bumagsak s batch ntin. lets pray for this. 🙂

  6. Gwynn says:

    Right. Maaga na nga umalis sa boarding house, gabi naman na uuwi. Tapos, kahit gustung-gusto nang mahiga at matulog, iniisip pa rin ung mga kailangang tapusin. Nakakapagod pero masaya. Haggard nga pero at least nakukuha pa nating magpa-picture. Oh di ba, bongga.

  7. Chaitanya Martin says:

    Very well said batchmate. Then again, ok lang yan. Basta may time management diba? Hehe. Go go go! Kaya natin ito.!

  8. Kahit hindi niyo ako kabatch dahil ’06 ako, I am so happy na dahil sa pagshihift ko, nakilala ko ang batch niyo. I am very happy to be a part of batch 2007’s academic journey. LONG LIVE! 🙂

    • ..kayo po nina kuya paulino, ate ophelia at ate aryanne ay tinuturing na naming mga batchmates.. hehehe. minsan nga po nakakalimutan ko na na elder kayo ng isang taon eh.. hehe. mukha kasing mga kabatch talaga namin kayo.. (SS daw) haha

  9. Chee Ocampo says:

    ganda naman. ang thoughtful 🙂

  10. Bennett Russ says:’s done it once more! Amazing read.

  11. Haha I’m honestly the only reply to your great writing?!?

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