..miss me? or not

Posted: July 2, 2010 in short journal

Yeah you heard it right. You miss me, I miss you too, don’t worry (haha just kidding).
For the past 3 months, I have been doing so many things that I have already forgotten to write and maintain this blog, even if a friend named Marla (I know she will be reading this because she has been checking my blog and complains if she found nothing new, did I write it correctly Ms. Copyeditor? haha) always alarms me and tell me that April 2010, May 2010 and June 2010 will not be included in my archives and she describes it “pangit.” All right Agua I must admit, you’re right (haha). It is so “pangit ” so see my archives January 2010, February 2010, March 2010, then jumps to July 2010. I must have listened to you earlier (haha). Thanks so much for the concerns about my blog (tawa na si Agua).

After second semester, I took up summer class and got Journ198 as my subject which was Journalism Internship at the Philippine Daily Inquirer Northern Luzon news bureau. That was the most memorable experience I can (possibly) have in my entire college life and so sad I wasted the opportunity to document and write a blog entry about all those happy, funny, happy, funny, happy, funny,… experiences.
Thanks to everyone there, they trained and treated us so well. May I have this oppotunity to thank; Sir Rolando Fernandez for the pieces of advice (mapa serious man o joke joke lang) and for the grade that we never expected, Sir Robert Jaworski Abaño for all the opportunities and trainings he had given us (I’m so happy to recieve gm’s from him saying “Dear All, … good job,” during the election period), Sir Vincent Cabrera for the questions that challenged us, Sir Frank Cimatu for being the photographer during meetings (peace) and for the humor you shared with us (which reminds me something, Sir Frank I think you still owe us dinner, remember what you promised sir? haha), Ma’am Desiree Caluza for the encouragements, Sir EV Espiritu for the free photography lectures, and Ma’am Gobleth Moulic for the free food and allowances (haha).

And now, I’m missing everything, all of them, my day-to-day job which is monitoring news, my interviews with Comelec officials, survey assignments, seminar coverages, Kapihan sessions, etc. I miss the powerful sofa of sir Roli, the long table which served as our writing table (or should I say Chikahan table), the room which was named to be the library, the 2 p.m. lunch, I miss sitting beside the greatest editors I’ve ever known, playing reader’s digest with sir Jawo, hearing stories from sir Roli, hearing jokes among the editors, etc., I Miss them all so badly (no joke). Just a trivia, newsroom’s television was always on ANC, except for 10:30-11:30, for it is time for SHOWTIME (haha).

Be back there soon, I know, because I will be borrowing some newspapers for my thesis (if they will allow us to) haha. Internmates SAMA KAYO? Haha

And now I’m here sitting in my bed, reminiscing everything and writing this public journal.
Better end it here, for many school tasks are still waiting to be done. Till next time..

  1. Marla Viray says:

    Haha. Nice one Dhona! Although yung ibang mga bagay eh I prefer na off the record na lang sana sating mga interns. Pero well, haha…

    I’m glad na binuhay mo na ang blog mo! Ang saya kaya magblog. Devah? haha

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