Dear P-Noy (last part)

Posted: July 3, 2010 in just my opinion, short journal
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Less usage of plastics may be a good starting solution to lessen the risk of environmental problem, but that was just an idea. Less plastic, less risk isn’t it Mr. President? Then, we plant more trees, and order to imprison illegal loggers, not just the people who corrupted. Then why not start appointing inventors to improve the e-jeepneys to lessen gasoline consumation.

The Philippines is also facing problem on rapid population enlargement that causes increase in number of unemployed people and adds up to education crisis. As of now, I can no longer think what can solve all those, but I, we have faith in you sir. Reproductive Health Bill may be the solution but it may not be as well. I don’t know, my head is turning now.

I just hope that the batch of the next generations will still see how great is to live and how beautiful is the world. I wish that somewhere in the future, there will be no problems like these. And the solution must start now, in your administration.

Many of us, or should I say, all of us are counting on you sir. But also I know you can not do it alone that is why now I’m requesting everyone to cooperate. Our President needs our help to raise our country. Let’s all give our support to him.

Go, Fight, Win, your Excellency President Noynoy Aquino. Make your parents proud, make us all proud of you.

My prayers are with you. May you be guided with Gods grace and break a leg.

If we are your bosses, now you also become my boss. So boss Noynoy, once again congatulations and Mabuhay ka.#

  1. omi says:

    Dhona my dear, i found you…haha ..may blog ka na pala and take note since november pa..hay naku… miss you dhona, wala kang tagboard kaya dito nalang ako nagleave ng message…

    miss you big time…haha..cumsha uwi ka na ah..


    • hi frenship. haha. hmm. dunno how to manage this blog. post lang kung post pero di ko alam magdagdag ng parts eh. haha.

      ginawa ko toh for my online journ last year. hehe.

      miss u so much.. kaw. kayo lahat. labas tau sa break. hehe. i know busy na kayo next year. hihi.

      mwuah. love u

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