Modernized Crime

Posted: February 20, 2011 in just my opinion, Uncategorized
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Modernized Crime

“There is no crime when there is law punishing it” – Criminal Law principle

Bullying and stalking friends and even strangers has been made easier through the cyber world. Is cyberbullying ethical? Should the government enable specific laws to punish perpetrators of such bullying? I believe that cyberbullying is unethical and should be given attention by Philippine law makers as soon as possible because said bullying does not only pressure, stress, and harass victims, it also causes suicide. Cyberbullying and stalking were given much attention in different states after causing a 13 year old girl in Missouri to commit suicide. Cyberbullying is known as an act of harassing, threatening, degrading, and embarrassing an individual or a group through the internet or using any of the digital technology.

It is necessary to give legal basis on cyberbullying and cyberstalking because if there are no specific laws protecting individuals from cyberbullying, the immoral act would continue to ruin anyone’s life through blackmail, and other forms of harassment. Based on researches and studies, those who have been cyber-bullied suffer from psychological disorders like anxiety and depression, lowered self-esteem, failed performaces on schools, and most of the time, isolating theirselves from the public.

It is beneficial to punish and criminalize individuals who bully and stalk in the cyberspace because the act of doing it intrudes person’s privacy and that individual’s right to maintain whatever reputation he or she upholds. There are already laws in the Philippines pertaining to new media but not any of them specifically deals with cyberbullying and cyberstalking.

It is ethical for everybody to fight against people who bully and stalk through the internet because there would be no “bully” if no one lets themselves be bullied. The greatest thing we can contribute to stop the modernized crime is to start within ourselves. Don’t bully, so you wouldn’t be bullied.

Cybercrimes are rampant in the internet. Some uses the new media for human trafficking and child pornography. Others use the internet to harass and embarrass individuals. Cyberbullying and cyberstalking should be everybody’s concern and all of us should be attentive. The state should provide specific legal grounds to penalize and criminalize people who bully and stalk in the cyberspace. Being bullied and stalked is not an easy matter. Who would know if the intention of the stalker is beyond stalking? What if someone is stalking you so he or she can gather information that he/she will use to harm you and your family? As the common saying goes, “Prevention is the greatest cure.” So let us be vigilant in using the internet and entrusting information we are giving out. And most of all, don’t add to the growing population of those people who use the new media to harass and humiliate other people. Let us not send hatred to others because we would not also want to receive blackmails and hate messages.


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