Alagaan? Numbers in jueteng alagaan? Why don’t we just do it to our mother nature? She needs more care rather than that number. Pollution there, pollution here, pollution everywhere. As long as technology advances more, I believe pollution also steps forward. But we can not stop technological advancesments because as what Bernal (from our STS readings) said, it benefits us more than the risk it gives. She also said in her article “In Praise of Science and Technology,” it is for the people to think, manage and control it.

Mr. President don’t you think your cigarette adds up to the pollution? Do you want to live in a 40 degrees celsius as the minimum temperature in the near future? I hate heat, I hate global warming, I hate climate change. You said you’ll try to be a good model to everyone in anyway, but in that matter, you’re not. Because of your statement before that you can’t quit smoking now, I know it will be harder for me, to convince my father to quit that bad habit too. Why? Because the Philippines’ President is also smoking. I know you want to, but you just can’t. That’s what my father also feels. But in that sense, if not for yourself no one can help you. Aside from that, I also wanted to remind you again Mr. President (reminder?) that Smoking kills (I also don’t want my dad die early). I know you’re aware of that. I just wanted to say it again to you sir. Please take care of your health (for you to be able to perform all your platforms and to be able to send corrupt officials to jail) and your officials’ health. Again a reminder, when someone smokes, he or she is not the only one suffering.

I wish someday soon, Philippne Daily Inquirer’s headline: “P-Noy decided to not smoke”. Maybe I will be the happiest person in the country if that happens.

…to be continued



Dear P-NOY,

Good day Mr. President.

First of all I want to congratulate you for being the 15th president of the Philippines and for your future accomplishments.


Honestly Mr. President, I did not vote for you last May 10 elections because I believed that someone among your competitors was better and has the ability and more experience to run the government. But that doesn’t mean I already hate you nor I’m opposing your government, perhaps you have a lot of time to prove to everyone who did not vote for you including me, that we were wrong. Yes I can accept my fault, even right away. Just prove it to me Mr. President.

By the way sir, your inaugural speech was great. I just can’t forget your statement “No Reconciliation, without justice.” I pray that you can really give justice to those who corrupted the nation’s money, whom you consider as the main reason that burdens the entire Filipino community.

In relation to that, I’ll be your number one fan if you will be able to stop jueteng operations in our place, Ilocos Sur, and in the entire country. I hate jueteng, personally because half of my dad’s savings from working as a seaman for how many months, every year,  all goes to that illegal game (if it was really a game). I know that ignoring jueteng is the main thing to solve my (you too soon sir) problem but guess what sir, nobody wanted to ignore it. Every morning some conversations in Ilocos goes like this,

Person 1 : Ano may napanaginipan ka ba?

Person 2: Oo, napanaginipan ko si Juan may hawak daw na ahas.

Person 1: Talaga? Ano ba Birthday ni Juan? June 2 diba?

Person 2: Oo, tayahan natin sa jueteng. 1 ang ahas at 2 naman ang birthday ni Juan. Ang tatayahan ko 1, 2. 50.00 nalang para mataas ang panalo. Tapos sa 2 tao ko tatayahan (is that kobrador? I don’t know) para doble kita.

Person 1: Sige Sali na din ako para madamay naman ako sa swerte mo.

Then how many hours passed,

Person 2: Pare iba ang labas. Wala tayong panalo.

Person 1: Di bale mamayang hapon yun na ang labas. Tayahan ulit natin para hindi tayo manghinayang   pag lumabas ito.

Person 2: sige pare. Tayahan natin hanggang hindi lumabas. Alagaan natin.

What do dreams have to do with luck? One should find there own luck to be able to have one and can not be found on dreams through jueteng. Can you imagine for example dear President, Kris Aquino is wasting all her money to find luck in her dreams through jueteng? Of course you can’t imagine that way because for sure kris will never do that, but just think of it and you’ll feel sorry for those who patronize that JUETENG. For how many years, our local officials weren’t able to stop the operations (it’s for them to answer it not me, why) and now I give it all to you sir.

…to be continued

..miss me? or not

Posted: July 2, 2010 in short journal

Yeah you heard it right. You miss me, I miss you too, don’t worry (haha just kidding).
For the past 3 months, I have been doing so many things that I have already forgotten to write and maintain this blog, even if a friend named Marla (I know she will be reading this because she has been checking my blog and complains if she found nothing new, did I write it correctly Ms. Copyeditor? haha) always alarms me and tell me that April 2010, May 2010 and June 2010 will not be included in my archives and she describes it “pangit.” All right Agua I must admit, you’re right (haha). It is so “pangit ” so see my archives January 2010, February 2010, March 2010, then jumps to July 2010. I must have listened to you earlier (haha). Thanks so much for the concerns about my blog (tawa na si Agua).

After second semester, I took up summer class and got Journ198 as my subject which was Journalism Internship at the Philippine Daily Inquirer Northern Luzon news bureau. That was the most memorable experience I can (possibly) have in my entire college life and so sad I wasted the opportunity to document and write a blog entry about all those happy, funny, happy, funny, happy, funny,… experiences.
Thanks to everyone there, they trained and treated us so well. May I have this oppotunity to thank; Sir Rolando Fernandez for the pieces of advice (mapa serious man o joke joke lang) and for the grade that we never expected, Sir Robert Jaworski Abaño for all the opportunities and trainings he had given us (I’m so happy to recieve gm’s from him saying “Dear All, … good job,” during the election period), Sir Vincent Cabrera for the questions that challenged us, Sir Frank Cimatu for being the photographer during meetings (peace) and for the humor you shared with us (which reminds me something, Sir Frank I think you still owe us dinner, remember what you promised sir? haha), Ma’am Desiree Caluza for the encouragements, Sir EV Espiritu for the free photography lectures, and Ma’am Gobleth Moulic for the free food and allowances (haha).

And now, I’m missing everything, all of them, my day-to-day job which is monitoring news, my interviews with Comelec officials, survey assignments, seminar coverages, Kapihan sessions, etc. I miss the powerful sofa of sir Roli, the long table which served as our writing table (or should I say Chikahan table), the room which was named to be the library, the 2 p.m. lunch, I miss sitting beside the greatest editors I’ve ever known, playing reader’s digest with sir Jawo, hearing stories from sir Roli, hearing jokes among the editors, etc., I Miss them all so badly (no joke). Just a trivia, newsroom’s television was always on ANC, except for 10:30-11:30, for it is time for SHOWTIME (haha).

Be back there soon, I know, because I will be borrowing some newspapers for my thesis (if they will allow us to) haha. Internmates SAMA KAYO? Haha

And now I’m here sitting in my bed, reminiscing everything and writing this public journal.
Better end it here, for many school tasks are still waiting to be done. Till next time..

The Good, the Bad and the U-Glee! 

A big "JUMP" for the start

That was the theme of the CAC Frolics held at the Bulwagang Juan Luna of the University of the Philippines Baguio last March 12, 2010, 7:30 in the evening. 

It was a collaborative effort of the faculty members and their students from different classes. 

It is undeniable that the event was successful. 



“It is challenging because we will be working with our collegues and we don’t do this normally only for specials ocassions like this,” Mr. Arjay Arellano said. Sir Arjay, a CAC faculty member, was the director of the production. “We need to think of the different aspects of the production. Put them together, not withstanding the capabilities of our collegues,” he added. 

Break it down ma'am and sirs

Aside from the actual content, the director of the show disclosed that they planned this event carefully and made sure that finances are feasible. 

The said event was under the Socials Committee headed by Ms. Shekinah “Shine” Queri. 

“Everybody was encouraged to join. Dean Delima introduced to all of us that we should be part, even if not for the whole routine,… so that everyone will have participation,” Ma’am Shine said. 

“Sir Amor, Ma’am Joy and Sir Isko will be joining also,” she added. 

On the other hand, Sir Francisco “Isko” Rosario Jr., was very happy because he was again invited to join his former co-faculty members. Sir Isko was a former teacher at the Language and Literature Department of UP Baguio. “I’m so happy because this is another bonding moment with my former collegues. I am happy also because this is a time where we will only be thinking of joy, fun and enjoyment,” he said. 

They started practising their routines before the month of February ends. Sir Arjay, Sir Amor, and Ma’am Shine were the main chereographers. 

Krissy Jesy Pison, a graduating student, was designated to be the Assistant Director. “She will take charge everything during the show,” sir Arjay said during rehearsals. Sir Arjay will also be performing in the show. 

Sir Arjay added, “The production will be pure fun but we will make sure that you will see the effort of every faculty.” 

More photos during preparations CLICK HERE



Based on interviews with Sir Arjay and Ma’am Shine, it was found out that they took a lot of brain stormings before coming up with the concept of Glee. 

“Ma’am Candy (Torres) wants glee and Sir Amer suggests having a political concept until it was agreed by everyone,” Ma’am Shine said. 

It was decided to pursue the developed concept to reiterrate with the coming May elections. 

“We will try to hype up students’ invlovement in the coming elections to be more discerning and wiser,” Sir Arellano ended. 



The event proper started at around 7:30 in the evening. The UPB Auditorium was jampacked. Upon the signal of “Start” was initiated, everyone was now cheering for their bets. 

It was not just a sing and dance numbers. There were monologues as well. Political issues were dicussed in a parody; Korimar for example, also with Sherap. 

The faculty and student performers gave all their best to meet the audiences’ expectations and indeed they succeeded. 

The event was well applauded and the audiences were even asking for more. 

The last video projected before the final song was a photo essay of the journey of the CAC faculty, entitled CAC through the YEARs. 

(credits to Lennie Balmeo and the SC137 class) 



Through the years, CAC was known to be good performers on stage. They go to the center stage prepared for every production. But how do they look back stage? 

Ma'am Rina, Ma'am Candy and Ma'am Beth with the production assistants

  Yes, some were already tired for doing a 2 consecutive show (Dulaang UPB and Frolics) but the energy in every production is still the same off the stage. The pressence of happiness and excitement is evident in each of the performers (faculty and students). 

 More OFF the stage photos and shots before and after the show, CLICK HERE. 

Director expresses his gratitude

“We’re grateful for the help of the SC137 class under ma’am Shine for their help and cooperation. Also to our students under Sir Yan-yan and Ma’am Faye, and to our other student performers,” Mr. Arjay Arellano said. SC137 class was part of the whole CAC week. They were assigned to assist each program coordinator/s (reservations of venue, equipments, promotions, etc.) and to make sure that everything will flow smoothly.

He also thanked his Assistant Director, Technical, Sounds and Light Directors, Production Assistants and all those who voluntered to help and be part of the CAC Frolics.

For more CAC Frolics shots, CLICK HERE.

Grand Street Parade at Baguio City During Panagbenga last February 27, 2010.

… Everyone is so busy at this moment. February is soon ending and the final month of 2nd semester is fast approaching. March is coming, meaning more works have to be done and so much time and effort is asked in order to surmount them all.

… We are 3rd year students and if God permits, We just need 1 more year and we’re done. But in every success there should be hardships and trials. As many have said, hardships are part of every victory.

… Before this month ends, many assigned tasks are waiting;

…Thesis’ first chapters (drafts, revisions, and the final output), Investigative Reports, Layouts, Online Stories, News Coverages, Organization of CAC WEEK and other events, Shootings, Recordings, Reports and Exams. Did I forget something?

… No time for TV, memory gaps, unorganized study tables, skipping meals, Lack of Sleep, Stuttering, No money at all, etc. How you wish to just sleep and forget everything but you know in yourselves that upon you wake up, you’ll be needing to face them all again. How we wish to escape but we can not because it is part of being a student.

… Don’t feel too much pressure. Just ignore the stress (if we just can). Why don’t pause for a while, tap your friend beside you and smile. Or not, pause like nothing is going the hard way and take a picture, like what most of us do to relieve the stress even just for a minute. Or, just imagine how ease life will be after finishing all of our commissions. After all, it will benefit us in different ways.

…Go UPB CAC BATCH 2007. WE CAN DO IT!!!! #Dhonalyn Agorilla


   The Civil Service Exam Result was released and now available at the Civil Service Commission Official Website.

  Go and check if you passed the Test.

  Names of Passers Here

 Thank God I’m on the List. #Dhonalyn Agorilla