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It was 4:30 in the afternoon, 25th of August when I was walking from SM, I heard someone calling my name. I did not bother not until that someone again shouted “Dhonalyn.” It’s weird. Nobody calls me like that here in Baguio, except ma’am Shine who loves doing it. I looked down and checked, I’m not wearing my ID.

So, I looked back. Where? I can only see people walking away and towards me. A second and wait, someone was staring at me. Maybe he just passed a glance. A minute and wait, he is still looking at me, directly in my eyes. *Ting!* He was the one who called my name. But wait again, oh no! Still I can’t recognize him. He smiled, still looking at me, I stayed neutral. I don’t know what to do. Should I smile back? Or go to him and ask his name; “Hi and hello. What’s your name again? By the way how are you?”

I felt at that moment that I don’t want any of the choices. Everything went so fast and I have to decide what to do. Then, I was shocked. I turned back and started walking away. My feet were moving voluntary but my mind said “What are you doing? Go back and greet him too.” But my feet overruled my mind.

So funny. Then I started wondering, if my mind told me to stop and go back, then who forced my feet to move away? Or it’s just also my mind confusing me and that I should have just ignored. LOL. #