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Media, what’s new!

Have you updated your facebook status today? Or whom did you follow on twitter the other week? Who does not know about Friendster? Facebook? Twitter? YouTube? Yahoo? Google? These social networking sites and other online news websites are so familiar, famous, and trendy nowadays. When it comes to love, they always say, “age doesn’t matter.” On the other hand, when we talk about new media, they say, “we don’t choose according to age.” With new media, we have a new generation, new culture, new habits and practices, a new world and a new us. But do we really know what this trend had made us and how this new media affects us?

As we say, the internet has brought many advantages to everybody’s lives. It is said to help make education easier for everybody. Just through typing and clicking, list appears on the monitor and you can have a bunch of knowledge about anything you wanted to research on. In communication, new media causes time and space compression, for it brings people closer to one another. These are only some of the many benefits of the internet. People enjoy the advantages of the new media but it also brings minuses.

The internet had affected cultures and practices of citizens in negative ways. It had influenced traditional routines of different units. For example, traditional media is now competing with the new media. Newspapers, television, and radio are now contending with online news. Published reports are now posted online. The Philippine Daily Inquirer, now has the The Philippine Star has the and for the Manila Bulletin, Also, broadcasted news can now be viewed on YouTube or on broadcasting networks’ official webpages. We can now also watch news live through online streaming. Additionally, different cultures were already affected like change in attitudes and perceptions of people. And worse, new media is now controlling the minds of the people, which is supposedly, people overpowering the technology. Above all, most users are aware of the minuses of new media but people just ignore about them.

A big part of the community is captivated by the internet. Students use this to research on classroom topics. Business groups use the internet to acquire more customers and to advertise their names and products. Politicians use the internet to reach out to citizens, to campaign and ask for support. Newspaper companies, television networks, and radio stations have created online sites to deliver breaking news and other current events.

We have benefitted, are benefitting and will be benefitting from the internet, but we should also know our limitations in using it. We should learn not to be too dependent on the new media.



Television is usually our source of news.

We read newspapers at home or at the library to read further information.

We surf the internet if we can’t watch television and can’t read newspapers.

I, personally, usually go to or to

Aside from news organizations’ websites like the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin, ABS-CBN, GMA and many more,

some Social networking sites are now sources of current events.

I have signed up for some social networking sites like,

Friendster, Facebook, Tweeter, and Mutiply

and I habitually post hints and links to share news that I know.

We can post them as shoutouts on friendster and we can share links to our friends through facebook.

We can post news reviews as blogs through our multiply accounts and we can follow news organizations on tweeter.

Before, we only chitchat on these social networking sites.

Personal news bulletins were posted rather than national concerns.

We can notice some news but about showbiz gossips (that most of the readers would say “Who Cares!”)

People nowadays are yearning for more news.

We crave for what is going on because we want changes.

We hate swindler that is why we want facts to be revealed on public.

People love to do multi tasking because time is very important and we want news right away,

So we include public concern reports while socializing with people.

That is the reason why social networking sites are now exploited as public concerns’sharing networks as well.

The Shadow of Internet (Newspapers for free?)

It is natural for us to inquire and to ask questions that bother us.
As part of a system, people are craving for news.

We get news through print media but newspapers have downsides.
There is limit on space and we can’t get news right away.
We still have to wait for tomorrow to have them.
The positive side of newspaper is that we can keep them for so long.

Televisions and Radios are other forms of media where to get news.
But we can not filter and choose for the information that we wanted.
We can’t be the “boss” in this case.

With the transition of technology, the latest medium where to explore news is in the internet.
With the internet, there is no limit in terms of space, and we can access news anytime.
We can decide what to read and what information to use.
The only problem is the overloading of information.
We should be knowleadgable in choosing credible sites/sources.

I remember Sir Roli Fernandez (PDI North Bureau chief), discussing in our class on Journ106,
the threat that is brought by the internet not only to newspapers but also to televisions.
He said, “…studies say that TV previews decreased,” and that is because of the new media.
And for him, newspapers can survive still in the future, together with the internet,
if they will be distributed for free to consumers.

People are so busy and we want news right away.
That is why the shadow of internet theatens the television and print media.
Will newspapers be distributed for free in the near future in order to survive?
Or the shadow of newspaper will still manage to play along with the internet?

Let’s just wait until that “future” comes,
and we will see.

Dhonalyn Agorilla