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Less usage of plastics may be a good starting solution to lessen the risk of environmental problem, but that was just an idea. Less plastic, less risk isn’t it Mr. President? Then, we plant more trees, and order to imprison illegal loggers, not just the people who corrupted. Then why not start appointing inventors to improve the e-jeepneys to lessen gasoline consumation.

The Philippines is also facing problem on rapid population enlargement that causes increase in number of unemployed people and adds up to education crisis. As of now, I can no longer think what can solve all those, but I, we have faith in you sir. Reproductive Health Bill may be the solution but it may not be as well. I don’t know, my head is turning now.

I just hope that the batch of the next generations will still see how great is to live and how beautiful is the world. I wish that somewhere in the future, there will be no problems like these. And the solution must start now, in your administration.

Many of us, or should I say, all of us are counting on you sir. But also I know you can not do it alone that is why now I’m requesting everyone to cooperate. Our President needs our help to raise our country. Let’s all give our support to him.

Go, Fight, Win, your Excellency President Noynoy Aquino. Make your parents proud, make us all proud of you.

My prayers are with you. May you be guided with Gods grace and break a leg.

If we are your bosses, now you also become my boss. So boss Noynoy, once again congatulations and Mabuhay ka.#


Alagaan? Numbers in jueteng alagaan? Why don’t we just do it to our mother nature? She needs more care rather than that number. Pollution there, pollution here, pollution everywhere. As long as technology advances more, I believe pollution also steps forward. But we can not stop technological advancesments because as what Bernal (from our STS readings) said, it benefits us more than the risk it gives. She also said in her article “In Praise of Science and Technology,” it is for the people to think, manage and control it.

Mr. President don’t you think your cigarette adds up to the pollution? Do you want to live in a 40 degrees celsius as the minimum temperature in the near future? I hate heat, I hate global warming, I hate climate change. You said you’ll try to be a good model to everyone in anyway, but in that matter, you’re not. Because of your statement before that you can’t quit smoking now, I know it will be harder for me, to convince my father to quit that bad habit too. Why? Because the Philippines’ President is also smoking. I know you want to, but you just can’t. That’s what my father also feels. But in that sense, if not for yourself no one can help you. Aside from that, I also wanted to remind you again Mr. President (reminder?) that Smoking kills (I also don’t want my dad die early). I know you’re aware of that. I just wanted to say it again to you sir. Please take care of your health (for you to be able to perform all your platforms and to be able to send corrupt officials to jail) and your officials’ health. Again a reminder, when someone smokes, he or she is not the only one suffering.

I wish someday soon, Philippne Daily Inquirer’s headline: “P-Noy decided to not smoke”. Maybe I will be the happiest person in the country if that happens.

…to be continued


Dear P-NOY,

Good day Mr. President.

First of all I want to congratulate you for being the 15th president of the Philippines and for your future accomplishments.


Honestly Mr. President, I did not vote for you last May 10 elections because I believed that someone among your competitors was better and has the ability and more experience to run the government. But that doesn’t mean I already hate you nor I’m opposing your government, perhaps you have a lot of time to prove to everyone who did not vote for you including me, that we were wrong. Yes I can accept my fault, even right away. Just prove it to me Mr. President.

By the way sir, your inaugural speech was great. I just can’t forget your statement “No Reconciliation, without justice.” I pray that you can really give justice to those who corrupted the nation’s money, whom you consider as the main reason that burdens the entire Filipino community.

In relation to that, I’ll be your number one fan if you will be able to stop jueteng operations in our place, Ilocos Sur, and in the entire country. I hate jueteng, personally because half of my dad’s savings from working as a seaman for how many months, every year,  all goes to that illegal game (if it was really a game). I know that ignoring jueteng is the main thing to solve my (you too soon sir) problem but guess what sir, nobody wanted to ignore it. Every morning some conversations in Ilocos goes like this,

Person 1 : Ano may napanaginipan ka ba?

Person 2: Oo, napanaginipan ko si Juan may hawak daw na ahas.

Person 1: Talaga? Ano ba Birthday ni Juan? June 2 diba?

Person 2: Oo, tayahan natin sa jueteng. 1 ang ahas at 2 naman ang birthday ni Juan. Ang tatayahan ko 1, 2. 50.00 nalang para mataas ang panalo. Tapos sa 2 tao ko tatayahan (is that kobrador? I don’t know) para doble kita.

Person 1: Sige Sali na din ako para madamay naman ako sa swerte mo.

Then how many hours passed,

Person 2: Pare iba ang labas. Wala tayong panalo.

Person 1: Di bale mamayang hapon yun na ang labas. Tayahan ulit natin para hindi tayo manghinayang   pag lumabas ito.

Person 2: sige pare. Tayahan natin hanggang hindi lumabas. Alagaan natin.

What do dreams have to do with luck? One should find there own luck to be able to have one and can not be found on dreams through jueteng. Can you imagine for example dear President, Kris Aquino is wasting all her money to find luck in her dreams through jueteng? Of course you can’t imagine that way because for sure kris will never do that, but just think of it and you’ll feel sorry for those who patronize that JUETENG. For how many years, our local officials weren’t able to stop the operations (it’s for them to answer it not me, why) and now I give it all to you sir.

…to be continued