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Student’s number 1 goal in going to college is to graduate. Not just to graduate with degree but most probably graduate ON time.

Why would someone aspire to graduate on time? Students aspire to finish college on time to be able to find a work and start to earn for living. Also, finishing college on the desired time will lessen the burden of parents to their sons and daughters through tuition fees.

I am a student, a student who never aspired for anything but to graduate ON TIME. I’ve did everything just to attain my goal. I trained myself to adapt to an environment which was so strange before, I didn’t sleep for almost 48 hours (for many times) to finish my papers, I go to my classes even if everything seemed floating because of sickness, I tried living alone, far from my family and took care of myself as if I myself is my parents, I sacrificed wants just to photocopy those tons and tons of readings, I attended classes also even summers, except for 2009 wherein I chose to stay in Laguna to take care of my Aunt who is undergoing chemotheraphy, and most especially I did and gave my everything, my all just to accomplish thesis in one semester. I did it all just to graduate on time.

Then list of subjects for my supposed (but still hoping) last semester was released. On my shock one of my needed subjects is not on the choices. Immediately I looked for a paper and started a petition. Everyone is so cooperative; I had more than 30 names who appealed also for that subject. I posted it on the Bulletin Board and the other morning it was gone. Some said the Department Chair already have the petition paper. As far as I remember there were 3 other subjects who were petitioned.

After 1 week I chose to follow up our request for them to open another subject. My world seemed so dim after I heard that there is still no assurance that it will be offered. And someone said “Hindi na namin problema kung hindi ka gagraduate On Time!” My world turned into darkness. That’s the only time I cried so much for academics. My number 1 goal is on threat.

I looked back and asked myself, did I have mistakes in following my course outline? NO! I Think, I did no mistake!

I see something is wrong. Photo Journalism was offered first semester during the A.Y. 2009-2010. And it is also offered this A.Y. 2010-2011, first semester. Then why on earth will it again be offered A.Y. 2010-2011, second semester? Is it because it is the subject where there is someone who can handle and teach? For someone like me who had already taken Online Journalism A.Y. 2009-2010, second semester and Photo Journalism A.Y. 2010-2011, first semester will now have nothing to resort. Should I be the one compensating with their problem?

I thought it was the University of the People? Then why I am now suffering from prior restraints — restraint to graduate on time and to find job on time, restraint to work for my papa and mama, restraint to earn money for my sister’s college.

To my teachers, still I respect you so much even if I was told that “it will not be your problem if I will not be graduating on Time.” You’ve also said “Bahala na sa enrollment.” Bahala na sa enrollment? Do you think I am just playing future telling? I can not tell myself “let’s just see if I will be graduating on time or not on the day of enrollment.” Do you think I can still sleep till the day of enrollment? Why don’t you just answer me YES or NO? If Yes then I’ll be so happy and I can inform my co-journalism major that this subject will be open next semester. If No then I will find another way. I myself will find another way because it seems no one among you have the answers, no one is willing to give me an answer.

You can not blame me. I hope know that. You’re ruining a student’s hope to graduate On time. Will you not react this way if You will be in my shoes right now?

All I am just asking right now is a little consideration. Give me the chance to prove myself that I can graduate on time.